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Alliance Live Sessions are expert-led panel discussions exploring issues outside but connected to road safety. Each session will look at a particular theme, through the lens of COVID-19 and the lessons that we can take from the current pandemic, plus how road safety NGOs can work with other activists from different SDGs to bring their causes together with a unified voice. 

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10 June 2020 3pm CEST/9am EDT Public transport systems in many countries do not adequately address the needs of women. This has many knock on effects for our societies and economies. What are the impacts and how can these inequalities be addressed? Read more and sign up HERE.



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The world cannot win the battle against climate change without changing the way people move. The scale of the problem is made evident by the stark contrast in many cities’ air quality from before and during the COVID-19 urban transport slowdown. How do we maintain the momentum that has been created? Catch up on the session HERE.



Unsafe roads kill and injure, but they are also a major factor of social exclusion: when people feel unsafe to use the roads, they cannot access education, employment, infrastructure and services. These factors have a significant impact on the way individuals and communities are affected by COVID-19. What can road safety learn from the pandemic? Facilitated by Valentina Pomatto, Humanity & Inclusion. Find the recording HERE.



In the first session, Alliance member Parachute facilitated a panel named COVID-19, Safer Roads, and Urban Planning, featuring Jennifer Keesmaat, The Keesmaat Group and formerly Toronto’s Chief City Planner, and Oliver Moore, Urban Affairs Reporter for Canadian national newspaper the Globe and Mail and a Vision Zero advocate. Read more and listen to the recorded session HERE.




The second session focused on mobility under the title What COVID-19 Is Teaching Us about Sustainable Mobility: Lessons for the Future. Mário Alves, International Federation of Pedestrians, facilitated a discussion featuring Lake Sagaris, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, Centre for Excellence BRT+, Chile; Ben Rossiter, Victoria Walks, Australia; and Pedro Homen de Gouveia, Polis Network, Belgium. Read more and watch the session HERE.



COVID-19 and Health Systems will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of health systems in almost every country around the world and made many people more aware of the importance of robust and resilient health care systems. Featuring Olive Kobusingye, Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda, and Pryanka Relan, COVID-19 Health Systems & Services Response Team and COVID-19 Clinical Management Response Team, WHO, and Erkin Checheibaev, Former Deputy Minister for Health, Kyrgyzstan. Facilitated by Corrine Vibert, the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport. Read more and watch the session HERE.


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Youth: facilitated by Thiago Gruner, YOURS date tbc