Luchemos por la Vida - Asociación Civil

Luchemos por la Vida - Asociación Civil

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Videos for free: our campaign’s spot “Helmet” and video "Claves para una Conducción Segura"-Keys to Safe Driving-to the members of the Global Alliance. You can watch them in Youtube: “Helmet"(Subtitles in English): “Keys to Safe Driving”(Dubbed into English. It deals with the most common beliefs about key subjects and aims at creating awareness): If necessary, ask them by mail.
Project Examples

Helmet on a bike

This image is from Luchemos por la Vida's campaign "Helmet on a Bike" that aims to increase the use of helmet among cyclists. Its goal is to save the life of more than 600 cyclists -most of them are young- that die every year on streets and roads of Argentina, according to our estimations.

Awareness Campaign "Safe Kids"

Awareness Campaign "Helmet"

Luchemos por la Vida's awareness campaign "Helmet" aims to increase the helmet use in motorcycle and moped. Its objective is to save more than 1,000 lives, most of then young, which, according to our estimations, are lost every year due to the non use of this simple device. This campaign has recently received two awards in the competition 2012 International Safety Media Awards (ISMA) hosted by Alaska Injury Prevention Center in the World Conference held by WHO in Wellington, New Zealand.

Introduction of Luchemos por la Vida

Authorities of \"Luchemos por la Vida\" introduce the aims and purposes of this non-profit organization, which works to prevent traffic accidents in Argentina.



Luchemos por la Vida - Asociación Civil

Luchemos por la Vida Asociación Civil
Capital Federal Buenos Aires 1406
Bogotá 2348 PB A
Phone:(54-11) 4637-8090



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Our mission

Our main purpose is to help modify the habits of those who walk or drive on our streets every day, to be pro life, to reduce the number of dead and injured people in traffic accidents significantly.