les ambassadeurs de la sécurité routière

les ambassadeurs de la sécurité routière

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the Project:The Ambassador of the Road Safet the Program Summary: whole year prevention campaign for road safety around Tunisia to decrease car accident’s rate Shedule:Total duration: December 2013 to July 2014 -Specific dates of event: wave 1 : 15th to 31 December 2013 / wave 2 january 2014- march 2014 Target:·Target: 5 millions ·Scale: ~people Procedure:Co-working organization: ASR / Alpha Hyundai motor ·Specified roles: organization of the event / invitation of vip’s ·Method

Project Examples

The original project of the campaign: This project is based on a common desire to commit ourselves more, and to inspire others to commit to a cause dear to our hearts: reduction of road accidents. One of the problems of road accidents to which we are particularly sensitive is that of indifference and recklessness of road users to the factors which may be the cause of any death on the roads. We decided to contribute in our own way to their integration and their involvement in the fight against this destructive scourge. Our project: We want to introduce a new type of campaign. Playing on the strings of the awakening of the consciousness of road users through compassion and mercy they will experience towards the families of road accident victims. The goal is to educate EMPOWERING before capturing their attention. The target audience will not be receptive to a conventional campaign. That's why we thought the involvement of known personalities from the world of cinema, sports, music, TV ... who lost their lives due to road accidents in which their parents are actors of our campaign and ambassadors of our cause to promote our prevention messages and educate road users from their tragedy experience following the loss of their loved one could be spared to our target audience. Our campaign is a campaign of reflection that will push people “the road users” to reflect on their own behavior on the road.

An Awareness Campaign On The Severity Of Road Accidents

Our project is a campaign-awareness in all categories of road users (pedestrian-car driver or two wheels ...). We want to involve all road users (like us) with this issue and the importance of helping others. We believe that traditional campaigns do not have a fairly good impact seen alarming numbers since we counted up today in Tunisia more than 05 dead and 44 injured per day! and worldwide1, 3 million people are killed each year on the road, which is why we offer through our project ideas and innovative techniques.

Let's Kids Talk

Presentation of the Campaign As part of the celebration of the Third World Week United Nations Road Safety (4 to 10 May 2015). The official campaign "Save the lives of children" called for action to save the lives of children on the roads worldwide. In this context Tunisian Road Safety Ambassadors "ASR" " participated with the organisation of an awareness campaign in wich the children were the actors! In partnership with Alpha Huyndai Motor and Radio IFM s and kindergarten Best Kids. The ASR organized from 4 to 10 May 2015 open days under the theme "give voice to your children" all children were asked to do activities on the theme of road safety and accidents roads through the eyes of our little angels, The best designs, the best stories on the theme mentioned above was rewarded at the day of closing, gifts were offered to active children who participated in the activities of the week Traffic education courses were organized for children animated daily by professional trainers of our Association. A Viral video testimonials and opinions of little angels with their idols footballers on the problem of road accidents and the behavior of their parents at the wheel in order to educate our users this video was broadcast via various social networks to touch more people.



les ambassadeurs de la sécurité routière

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Our Mission We are a homogeneous team of people from various fields "legal, medical, journalism, communication, engineering, teaching, ground transportation, students, actors, artists, athletes ...), each of us is investing in its own way in community projects. Solidarity Awards were an opportunity for us to build a motivated to contribute to a joint commitment in favor of this noble cause to save lives on our roads and to struggle against insecurity on the roads by Implicating the road users and helping them to become responsible on the roads