Association *Les Amis de la Route* du Mali

Association *Les Amis de la Route* du Mali

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In September 2017 we train 200 drivers of tricycles and tractors for road safety because they drive without a driver's license and no knowledge of the highway code, and cause a lot of traffic accidents. For 2 days they were trained on the following modules: highway code, lights and road sign, telephone and driving speed. This activity is sponsored by the promoters of tractors

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Projet Road Safety School Sikasso

The Road Safety School Sikasso 2018 project is a project initiated in 2017 by our association whose objective is to train every year 1000 primary and secondary students in road safety. We ended up with the program of the 2018 project of which 1000 students were trained on the following modules: prevention of road accidents, traffic laws, traffic lights and signs, telephone and driving speed. The ceremony of restitution took place in May 2018 in the room of Sikasso in the presence of the director

Ceremonie De Restitution De 200 Conducteurs Des Motos Tricycles Et Tracteurs

This Video is taken during the ceremony of restitution of the training of 200 drivers of motorcycles tricycles and tractors to the road safety organized by our association in partnership with the association of the drivers of the motorcycles tricycles and the association of the promoters of the tractors, this ceremony was placed under the high sponsorship of the Minister Babar Gano of Transport of Mali. this video testifies the real fact of our association to fight and reduce the number of road



Association *Les Amis de la Route* du Mali

Tessougue Temin Gregoire
Sikasso Region de Sikasso BP:74
Missin catholique de Sikasso




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Our goal is the training, awareness and information of students and the population on the prevention of road accidents, to teach the students the first aid gestures and the mob