Alliance Advocates 2016

In August 2016, 15 Alliance members underwent the Alliance Advocate training program. Before arriving, each advocate was asked to collect data and statistics on road safety within their country and to identify key risk factors. Throughout the training, the advocates built on their research to create an action plan that they could implement on their return. We are already starting to see the fruit of this investment.


“The training has been fantastic; it [needs] more than a word to explain it. It will enable our organization to do road safety strategically and with full knowledge. Thank you so much, dear Alliance and FedEx, for making this happen. Just amazing!”

2016 Advocates

See profiles of our 2016 Alliance Advocates HERE or click on the images.

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Here are some of the activities the 2016 Alliance Advocates have accomplished since their training in August 2016.

  • Tunisia - New law which makes seat belt use mandatory throughout Tunisia came into force April 2017. Read more HERE.
  • Togo - Engagement of key national figures to mobilize support for collection of speeding data.
  • South Africa - Establishment of a safe school zone coalition to advocate for speed reduction.
  • Nepal - Nationwide public consultation on a new road safety law; dialogue with high-level government officials.
  • Ethiopia - Traffic injury survey planned in Addis Ababa in consultation with the federal police commission.
  • India - MOU signed with an international institution; national stakeholder workshop on helmet use planned.
  • Philippines - 900 helmets distributed and engagement with a major foundation to improve helmet regulation. New law implemented to mandate helmet use for children on motorcycles. Read more HERE.
  • Tanzania - Implementation of safe-school initiatives in four schools; road safety education provided to 5000 students.
  • Malaysia - 250 child helmets distributed; motorcycle safety education delivered to 250 parents.
  • Trinidad and Tobago - Adoption of a school; education activities planned.
  • Kenya - Project funding from the World Bank for education and stakeholder mobilization; establishment of the Road Safe Alliance Kenya (ROSA).
  • Zambia - Development of a coalition to reduce traffic injury around schools through education, infrastructure improvements, and enactment of School Zones Law.
  • Uruguay - Campaign in progress to increase helmet use across six South and Central American countries.
  • Georgia - Training, advocacy, and practical improvements around schools in Tbilisi.
  • Nigeria - Multidimensional plan to reduce traffic injuries among school children, incorporating education, infrastructure, advocacy, and awareness events.


To get a flavor of the AlliancAdvocates Videoe Advocate training program see the video from the first Alliance Advocate cohort HERE.

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See more pictures from the training HERE.