Alliance Seed Program

The Alliance manages a seed program to fund implementation of small-scale projects that have the potential to bring about measurable change and serve as examples of best practices within our field. 

There are no current seed programs active. 

Seed program criteria change from round to round but usually focus on:

  • Projects that are replicable for fellow Alliance Members and the wider road safety community;
  • Small-scale projects that address the main road safety areas as stipulated in the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (refer to SDG 3.6 and/or SDG 11.2);
  • Projects that can be implemented immediately and within three to six months, according to an NGO’s skills and resources.


With the use of smartphones, distraction is becoming an increasingly big risk factor. In this webinar we will cover why and what can be done…

Akilla, our member in New Zealand, has built effective programs on drowsy driving. They address myths and other risk factors and in this webinar they…

Children seat belt use and car restraints are often a neglected area, but in this webinar from Safe Kids Worldwide, you will learn why car…

Learn how seat belts protect you, what myths need to be addressed, and the approach that led to success.

What is speeding and how does lowering the speed help prevent crashes? Where and why reducing speeding is important?

MADD, US, will talk about what drunk driving is and how to prevent it, BAC levels, and how they are interpreted in different countries.

Why it is important to wear a motorcycle helmet, how a helmet protects your head, and how to design a campaign to increase helmet wearing.

Webinar 2

Tips and advice on how to use Twitter

This series of seven webinars bring in member experts in their respective fields to outline key risks and how to reduce them. Areas that will be…

One in three road crashes happens when people are driving for work purposes. Therefore, reducing the risk of commercial vehicles and public transport in this…

The Alliance works in partnership with member NGOs who are experts in their fields to produce short online training sessions on a range of topics.…

One third of all crashes involve vehicles driving for work. This webinar looks at what NGOs can do to help organizations manage their fleets safely.

In November 2017, United Nations Member States reached consensus on a comprehensive set of global performance targets to measure progress and address road safety key…

In this webinar, Dr. Nhan Tran, WHO, will explain the rationale behind the voluntary targets, what is expected of national governments in implementing them, and…

In this webinar, Bright Oywaya of ASIRT Kenya shares her experiences and tips on advocating with government.

Vusal Rajabli, AMAK, describes the process of implementing an action plan in Azerbaijan and how NGOs can get involved.

In November 2017, UN Member States agreed 12 Global Road Safety Performance Targets (voluntary targets) that  This series of webinars will focus on each of…

In our recent survey of NGO perspectives on the Decade of Action, 64% of respondents said that their main source of funding was out of…

Learn how a fundraising strategy can help you build your NGO and get creative ideas for raising money.

Learn how to use power mapping to identify people who can help you fund raise and get practical tips on networking at events.

Strong corporate/NGO collaborations have mutual benefits. Learn how to build effective collaborations with corporate sponsors. 

Tips and ideas for approaching corporate funders and gaining their support.

Patrick Kinyanjui, Program Manager at the Alliance will explain log frames and how they are useful for advocacy and Simon Kalolo, Senior Programme Officer, Amend,…

Providence Klugan, Amend, explains how to write an effective project proposal budget, what to to include and how to structure it.

In this webinar, Bright Oywaya of ASIRT Kenya shares her experiences and tips on advocating with government.

Vusal Rajabli, AMAK, describes the process of implementing an action plan in Azerbaijan and how NGOs can get involved.

In this webinar, Rebecca Huang, UNECE, describes the various UN legal instruments that are relevant to NGOs advocating for road safety with their governments.

Keith Johnson, Fund for Global Health, and Maatla Otsogile, SORSA, talk about how to advocate for minimum three-star roads.

Jessica Truong, Global NCAP, talks about vehicle safety standards and why it is an essential part of reducing road traffic injuries.

Rod King, 20's Plenty For Us, talks about why we should campaign for reduced speed limits in streets where people live and work and how…

Hoang Thi Na Huong of AIP Foundation explains why motorcycle helmets are so important and how to campaign for increased helmet use.

Lika Merabishvili of Partnership for Road Safety, Georgia, talks about advocating for seat belt usage.

Lorrie Walker, Safe Kids Worldwide, talks about child restraints good practice and how to advocate for increased usage.

Webinar 1

Tips and advice on how to use FaceBook

Webinar 6

Working with the World Bank on star rating

Hear from our members how they approached the World Bank, how they prepared, and their lessons learned.

Webinar 5

Building partnerships in your country

We can’t improve the star ratings of roads alone. If we combine efforts, we end up with a much stronger movement than we would have…

Webinar 4

Strategies to gain media attention

What are the steps NGOs can take to get media attention, and why is this important? Get ideas on how to write your own story…

The Let's Get Minimum Three-Star Roads by 2020 webinars are a part of the Alliance Empowerment Program and are designed to help NGOs that may…

Social U are two webinars that will help you improve your presence on Facebook and Twitter. The webinars include how to craft an effective message…

The Alliance Mentorship program pairs organizations who need support with experienced organizations in a range of areas such as advocacy/policy, communications/media outreach, program design and…

The Alliance Academy incorporates the Alliance Advocate Program and webinars. Alliance Advocates is our flagship face-to-face training program. Advocates are rigorously selected members of the…

Webinar 3

Work on star rating with governments

Get ideas from our members on to how to prepare for working with governments on promoting star rating. Learn typical questions you should be prepared…

Webinar 2

Introduction to the 3-Star Coalition

What is the 3-Star Coalition, how do they work, and how do you get involved.

Webinar 1

Introduction to Star Rating

The International Road Assessment Program (iRAP) will give an introduction to what a star rating is, how data is gathered, and how both are used.