Alliance Academy

The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety Alliance Academy offers state-of-the-art tailored training program, both online and in person, for 10-15 Alliance Member NGOs staff selected as Alliance Advocates. Online webinar courses gives both Alliance Advocates and Alliance members the opportunity to learn from leaders in the road safety field under various technical areas of interest to our members. Selected Alliance Advocates are self-starters who possess experience, dedication and willingness to make a change. Through individualized mentoring and training, their skills will be nurtured and their expertise will grow as they advocate for risk areas. The road safety advocates will become role models for other Alliance members, governments, and their communities in these key risk areas and actively advocate for change. 

Current and Past Initiatives:

Crash Course in Key Risk Areas is a collection of resources, key concepts, and expert-lead webinars on the key road safety risk areas. The crash course is open to both Alliance members and the general community to learn more about helmets, drunk driving, speeding, seatbelts, child restraints, distraction and drowsy driving.  Sign up for the webinars and find additional information about the crash course HERE.

Alliance Advocates are rigorously selected Alliance members who demonstrate the determination to make a difference and to benefit from an intensive, tailored training program. In August 2016 the first cohort of Advocates traveled to Memphis, US. The Alliance Advocates are a key investment for the Alliance over the years to come and the Alliance will expect a significant return of investment from this core group.

To read about the 2016 Alliance Advocates or find out how to apply for the 2017 program click HERE or use the side bar.

Let's Get Minimum Three-Star Roads by 2020 webinars were created to assist NGOs who may still be unsure of how they can contribute meaningfully to reducing road fatalities. Specially the webinars focus on how to apply the star-rating concept from the Three Star Coalition, whose man aim is to help ensure that roads in developing countries meet a minimum three-star safety standard. The webinars subjects include building partnerships within countries, media strategy, and working with government. To learn more, you can access the webinars HERE.

Social U webinars help NGOs to improve their presence on Facebook and Twitter. The webinars include the dos and donts of social media, how to craft an effective message and drive engagement, along with best practices on handling photos, followers, and trends. The Alliance has developed the series in collaboration with Safe Kids Worldwide and are available HERE.


The Alliance Advocates program is an intensive program that involves face-to-face training and mentoring to equip Alliance members as advocates.

One third of all crashes involve vehicles driving for work. This webinar looks at what NGOs can do to help organizations manage their fleets safely.

Webinars, facts, and resources created by experts in each key risk area that contributions to death and injury in road traffic accidents.

The Lets Get Minimum Three-Star Roads by 2020 help guide NGOs to meaningfully reduce road fatalities. Topics range from working with government to media strategy.

Social U are two webinars that will help you improve your presence on Facebook and Twitter.